NAD+ Therapy & Anti-Ageing Medicine

There appears to be even more benefit to NAD+ therapy than simply neurotransmitter rehabilitation for neurological conditions and chemical dependence detox. Recent research at Harvard University suggests that NAD+ decline and the resulting decline in mitochondrial function is also intimately intertwined with cross genome communication, and an increase in genetic mutation, which contributes in part […]

The Perfect Gene (Apo-E) Diet is now available!

We are happy to announce that the perfect gene diet is now available by popular demand. Testing for the Apo-E genotype is available via our Younique Nutri-SNAP shot genomic testing. Reading Pamela McDonald’s ‘The Perfect Gene Diet‘ is a required reference for the program.

The Perfect Gene (Apo-E) Diet

We’re proud to now be able to provide Apo-E genomic testing at White Rock Naturopathic for those wishing to pursue the Perfect Gene or Apo-E Diet. It is setting a new standard for individualized metabolic typing and personalized diets. We now know that imbalances to your diet, not necessarily as determined by ‘generic dietary guidelines’, […]

Genetic Testing added to White Rock Lab Services!

We’re excited to have added functional genetic testing (by Younique Genomics) to our list of clinic lab testing services. Younique Genomics ( provides 4 different genomic panels that allow one to establish a personalized medical and lifestyle protocol that when combined with current labwork allows for the most complete preventative approach to one’s health and […]

Electrocardiogram Testing (Resting ECG) is now available in office

White Rock Naturopathic is excited to be able to now offer resting ECG (electrocardiograms) to patients. For more information please see:

A biochemical new approach to Anorexia

I’m very excited to have come across a wonderful book by Dr. James Greenblatt, MD entitled “Answers to Anorexia: A Breakthrough Nutritional Treatment That is Saving Lives”, and to be able to offer this approach at White Rock Naturopathic, to individuals and families dealing with anorexia. Dr. Greenblatt explains that: “New understandings in genetics, neurobiology, […]

Introducing Dr. Grodski’s Amazon Shop

Please check out my brand new Amazon Shop, which showcases some highly recommended books on a variety of topics relating to health, wellness and joy in life. I hope you enjoy it! Any recommendations?

Your Fall Guide to Tea… is Full of Surprises!  

Fall’s here! Balancing Family Health through the Changing Seasons

Having just shortened a family camping trip to EC Manning Provincial Park due to the colder temperatures and rain, and a concerning cough from our 3 year old, it seems that fall indeed has arrived. With that in mind, and the longer nights approaching, what better time to begin new family activities such as meditating […]

A Summer of Perspective…. and Spirit

Summer time. The fruition of another year’s effort and hard work. The peak of one’s year’s BEING. In its anticipation, we each individually focus on settling up our loose ends and achieving our goals, whether personal, physical or career/financial, so that we may enjoy the fruits of our labour. Whereas fall and winter find us […]