(Based on 2014 British Columbia Naturopathic Association Recommended Fee Schedule)
Regular Initial Consultation: $150 (1 hour)
Long Initial Consultation: $220 (1.5 hour) (re: complex chronic disease or cancer)
Follow-up Appointments: $60-80 (20-30 minutes) / $120 (45 minutes) / $150 (1 hour)
Acupuncture: $80 ($375/5 treatments; save $25)
Deep Tissue Laser Therapy: $80 ($375/5 treatments; save $25)
Acupuncture & Deep Tissue Laser Therapy: $90 ($400/5 treatments; save $50)
Shockwave Therapy: $130/treatment (includes deep tissue laser therapy)
Ozone Therapy: Acupuncture (Micro-dosing) or Insufflation: $90
Bowen & Craniosacral Therapy: $90-130 / 30-45 minutes
Prolotherapy/Prolozone: $120-160 (area+time dependent) / Initial Visit+Tx: $200-220
PRP Therapy: $400
IV Therapies:
Myer’s High Dose Vitamin IV Push: $95 ($120 / drip)
Glutathione IV Push / Drip: $80-95
Vitamin C IV: $100 – 150 (dose dependent)
Alpha Lipoic Acid: $130
Immune System IV / Energy IV: $120
EDTA Chelation IV (3 hrs): $140;  5% off package of 10; 10% off for 20; 20% off for 30
Typical course = 20-30 IVs: 1x/week or every 2nd week
(Initial Visit & Lab Testing separate)
NAD+ Programs:
Revive! NAD+ 5 day Program: 2.5k
Revive! Chemical Dependence 5 day Program: 4k
Revive! Chemical Dependence 10 day Program: 6.5k


Payment is expected at the time of services. A receipt will be provided at the end of your visit to allow you to be reimbursed by your extended health care provider, to write off for tax purposes, and to receive the set MSP Premium Assistance reimbursement.

MSP refund is $23/visit (10 visits/year max)


The nature of Naturopathic Medicine is that it is much more in depth than other forms of medicine. This often means that a great deal of time goes into the preparation of patient visits by Dr Grodski. When people don’t show up for visits, it not only means that space can’t be used for someone else, it also means that Dr Grodski could have used that preparation time in service to someone else.

We ask that if you need to change or cancel an appointment that you give 24 hours notice. This will allow us to give the spot to someone else!


Most extended health plans (i.e. private plans, usually through your employer) will cover a portion of your visit fee. Most plans pay 80% of patient visits but make sure you clarify coverage with your benefits manager. Plans usually renew on a yearly basis each January, meaning that most people have a certain dollar amount per year that they can use towards Naturopathic medicine. This also means that it may prove helpful to make use of one’s coverage before it expires on December 31st of each year.

Here are some key questions to ask your provider:

1) What is the maximum amount per year that I can get covered for myself and my family?

2) Is there a limit to an initial visit consultation?

3) Is there a limit to follow up visit consultations?

4) Do you cover any naturopathic lab services?


These accounts can often be used to cover visits and recommended supplements. Please check with your plan administrator for specific information.

Individuals without Extended Health Coverage: The cost of naturopathic medical services are eligible for the medical tax credit. The disability tax credit or the attendant care expense deduction may also be available. For further information on tax credits, contact Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-8281. This may be particularly helpful for people who may be retired or have no access to a business.

Employees – If you are a participating employee in a Group Benefit Program at work that does not cover naturopathic medical services, you and your employer can arrange to have the cost of your services paid for under the program by your employer’s group insurance carrier on an “extra-contractual” basis. The terms vary from plan to plan, but group benefit programs invariably provide for such “extra-contractual” arrangements. The expense is tax-deductible to the employer.

Business Owners – Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) allows business owners to 100% tax deduct naturopathic medical expenses through a Private Health Services Plan (PHSP). A PHSP can be arranged through The John Robinson Group Inc and Trusted Advisor™. Please visit www.trustedadvisor.ca for a list of approved expenses and an online application.