What to Expect


First visits are all about developing an understanding of what is going on with you, your health goals and concerns, and coming up with a plan for how we can help. This involves both going through your health history, the information on your clinic forms, and performing any clinical assessment (naturopathic and conventional), that would help us develop our treatment plan.

Along with a detailed look at your symptoms, it is likely we will explore something of your nature and personality, your likes and dislikes, moods and feelings. The purpose is to develop a thorough picture of you that will help in the selection of the most appropriate and the best tailored treatment. While some basic physical exam may be performed, tests or procedures that we are not able to offer will be referred.


Follow-up visits vary in length, and frequency depending on need, and treatment plan. For laser, acupuncture or bodywork, visits are ideally 1-2x per week as needed (for a 1-4 week period). Regular follow-ups are scheduled at  3-6 week intervals and last 20 to 40 minutes. When progress is well established, visits are less frequent. Prolotherapy and PRP visits are typically every 4- 6 weeks, unless the condition is acute.