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Women’s Health

Women’s Health Clinic in Surrey, BC

If you are looking for women’s health clinic in Surrey, BC please visit White Rock Naturopathic Clinic. For more information, contact us today or book an appointment online. We are conveniently located at #208 – 1676 Martin Dr., Surrey, BC V4A 6E7. We serve patients from Surrey BC, White Rock BC, Grandview Heights BC, Campbell Heights BC, Newton BC, Morgan Heights BC, and surrounding areas.

Women’s Health Clinic Near Me in Surrey, BC
Women’s Health Clinic Near Me in Surrey, BC

White Rock Naturopathic has always had a very large women’s health practice.

While we do not offer women’s health exams such as pap smears or the such, concerns such as PMS, peri-menopause, post-menopause and concerns regarding fertility, relate and respond exceedingly well to the naturopathic and Chinese medicine treatment options available at our clinic. It is fair to say that women’s health is very much under-appreciated and underserved via conventional medicine.

The idea of balancing hormones and supporting one’s own innate hormone metabolism is an option every woman should have offered to her for her consideration. While hormonal therapy and birth control certainly have their place and usefulness, they are certainly not the only option to regain hormonal health or address concerns relating to uterine, ovarian, or cervical health – nor the aspects of mental-emotional health that are so greatly influenced by one’s hormonal balance. In general, one ought to consider that there are three options available in terms of hormonal health: natural balancing, bioidentical hormone replacement and synthetic (which includes birth control and contraception).

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