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Sinclair Method

Sinclair Method Support for Alcohol Addiction in Surrey, BC

The Sinclair Method (TSM) is an evidence based treatment approach for alcohol addiction and its goal is to help individuals reduce or eliminate their cravings for alcohol. Sinclair method support is available at White Rock Naturopathic Clinic in Surrey, BC. For more information, contact us today or book an appointment online. We are conveniently located at #208 – 1676 Martin Dr., Surrey, BC V4A 6E7. We serve patients from Surrey BC, White Rock BC, Grandview Heights BC, Campbell Heights BC, Newton BC, Morgan Heights BC, and surrounding areas.

Sinclair Method Support For Alcohol Addiction in Surrey, BC
Sinclair Method Support For Alcohol Addiction And Dependence in Surrey, BC

Sinclair Method Support for Alcohol Addiction

Why should I consider moderating/quitting alcohol?

Among addictive drugs, alcohol has the second-worst health effects after cigarettes. Aside from the liver damage, elevated risk of many cancers, detrimental effects on cognition, memory, mood, sleep, and hormones, we can all see how precariously thin its attractiveness as a stress reliever or means of escape may become.

There is no better moment than right now, during the COVID-19 epidemic, to evaluate one’s outlook, the health of one’s lifestyle, and how we handle stress in both our inner and outside environments.

The Sinclair Method (TSM) is one of the many approaches one can take to moderate or lessen one’s dependence on alcohol. The Sinclair Method for Alcohol Dependence is an evidence-based treatment for problematic drinking developed by Dr. John D. Sinclair.

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To preface how the Sinclair Method works, let’s start by discussing how alcohol dependence manifests in the first place.

How does dependence and addiction to alcohol occur?

Endorphins, one of your feel-good neurotransmitters (conjure up the runner’s high), are released by drinking. The extent to which this is caused directly by physiological processes as opposed to our conscious and unconscious associations with the enjoyable effects of alcohol is a matter of considerable disagreement. Our subconscious associations with how the toxin known as alcohol “benefits” us emotionally are greatly influenced by all those commercials for beer, mountain streams, outdoor sports, and parties (yes, men, we’re talking to you), as well as girl’s nights watching the bachelor and sharing a bottle of wine (ladies, are you listening?!).

Your brain gradually begins to associate drinking with pleasure as a result. You could then begin to drink to get the same high. Even if you are aware that eating is unhealthy, it can be difficult to stop, especially as stress levels rise since the cravings may feel insurmountable.

We need to relearn the association between using a drug (alcohol) and it providing a source of pleasure if that is the issue. The Sinclair Method is said to break this association for some people almost immediately by revealing that they are simply drinking diluted ethanol and that the layers of associations—taste, bouquet, etc.—are all creative deceptions used to conceal the fact that they are ingesting a toxin.

Others, however, take longer to unlearn that link after repeating the same behaviours and conditions (conscious and subconscious) that first caused the reliance in order to weaken, relax, and break that connection.

We are aware that ethanol falls short. We are aware of how transient and shallow the enjoyment is. We are aware of its empty promises. However, there is a blind link that has set in so deeply that the desires are now actual physical pain.

The Sinclair Method reverses our ingrained reliance on alcohol by disconnecting the link between drinking and pleasure.

How the Sinclair Method Works

The Sinclair Method uses a drug called naltrexone to suppress endorphins when we drink in order to terminate the loop of pleasurable feedback. Alcohol does not give you the typical “buzz” or pleasure since endorphins are suppressed. You gradually lose interest in drinking as you partake in an increasing number of alcohol-free or very less enjoyable drinking sessions. Over the course of weeks and months, drinking normally decreases to normal or below-average social drinking rates.

The Sinclair Method at White Rock Naturopathic

We work collaboratively with patients to set goals: some patients work towards abstinence, while others aim to reduce their consumption and regain control of their drinking.

The Sinclair Method can either be used as part of a larger program, or on its own, focusing on the behavioral therapy aspect of using naltrexone in combination with alcohol consumption in a mindfulness based or cognitive behavioral approach; making notes of one’s intake, their mood, stressors, triggers, and how that is changing day to day, or week to week. Weekly or bi-monthly counseling sessions are part of our programs, and include access to an online patient portal that allows for easy communication and self-monitoring/check-ins.

IV therapies such as NAD+ therapy, glutathione and myer’s vitamin infusions can be added to one’s program as needed. Likewise, following an initial naturopathic intake, in which general health is discussed, there may be other supplements and / or medications that may be recommended according to one’s health history and requirements.

The Sinclair Method is not suitable for everyone. Especially if:

  • You want to quit cold turkey or are strictly looking for abstinence-based approaches (consider NAD+ therapy on its own as an option in this case);
  • You want an immediate solution (you’ll need to have patience through the process); (likewise, consider NAD+ therapy as an option);
  • You’re taking an opioid-based medication or any drugs that interact with naltrexone;

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