Hormone Controlled Grodski (HCG) Diet & Weight Loss Program

Hormone Controlled Grodski (HCG) Diet & Weight Loss Program

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The first thing you may wonder about is what’s so special about this diet?

Actually there are three very special qualities: this program is 100% medically supervised, it is the only diet that integrates the most successful weight loss diets currently available on the market into one program, and lastly, has been running the longest of any similar programs in BC.

Since we began offering the weight loss program in 2009, we have gained an invaluable amount of experience over the years with the thousands of patients who have been through our clinic.

While we began with Dr. Simeon’s Pounds and Inches 500 calorie hormone controlled diet program initially, over the years we have explored and tried all of its more modern variations, which have taken some of the advances in nutritional science since the 1954 publication into consideration. Needless to say, we’ve learned a lot regarding carbohydrates, proteins, good fats and bad fats, not to mention metabolism and weight loss, since Dr. Simeon came up with his recommended diet plan in 1954.

See Dr. Oz’s recent show on Simeon’s Diet in which he lent his support and expressed his excitement about this novel approach to weight loss:


As such, while we still offer Simeon’s original program, over the years we have refined our own 750 calorie program that incorporates the modern weight loss principles and approach of the following diets: Dr Simeon’s Pounds and Inches (hormone controlled) diet, the Atkins diet, Bernstein’s Diabetes diet, the Fat Resistance diet, Paleo diet, Neanderthin, Fat Flush plan, Protein Power diet, Dr. Rosedale’s diet, the Schwarzbein diet, Dr. Mark Hyman’s UltraMetabolism diet, and Dr. Natasha Turner’s Hormone Diet.

The Hormone Controlled Grodski (HCG) Weight Loss Program provides an opportunity for those in the Lower Mainland- White Rock, Surrey, Langley, Delta, Vancouver, the opportunity to pursue a medically supervised weight loss program.

The Program includes:

  • Weight Loss!
  • Motivation, Support, & Guidance
  • Experience! We’ve provided the program since 2009; the longest running of any weight loss clinic in BC
  • Initial 1 hr Intake, medical history review & functional medicine workup
  • Comprehensive Medical Supervision, and Naturopathic Dietary Counseling
  • A 6 week weight loss program
  • Weekly Follow-up Visits
  • Body Composition Assessment (Weekly) to ensure proper hydration, muscle mass preservation, and adequate fat % loss
  • Individualized hormonal therapy to support appetite suppression, weight loss, fat metabolism, energy and muscle mass (Injections included)
  • Individualized supplementation ($60 value) to support progress and ensure safe and comfortable weight loss. This typically includes weekly B vitamin and Slim Shot injections and / or oral vitamins, minerals or herbs for encouraging fat and blood sugar metabolism
  • Diet Manual outlining the principles and key points of the most successful diets available
  • Diet Cookbook & Recipes

A hormone controlled approach to weight loss means that one’s metabolism is re-set in one’s favour. Instead of holding you back, it is instead re-balanced and regulated, improving energy and muscle tone, eliminating food cravings and emotional eating patterns. As a result, typical monthly weight loss is 5-10% of one’s body weight. While results can vary based on individual’s program compliance, patients routinely comment about how good they feel, how excited they are to be losing weight, and how loose their clothing is fitting.

While men can LOSE A POUND A DAY at 500 calories, average weight loss ranges for an average middle age woman are as follows:

@ 750 calories: Week 1-2: 4-6 lbs / week          Week 3 onwards: 3-4lbs / week

@ 500 calories: Week 1-2: 6-7 lbs / week          Week 3 onwards: 4-5 lbs / week

In combining the wisdom of naturopathic medicine with the advances of the past 60 years in bariatric, or weight loss medicine, Dr. Grodski’s program begins with an individualized approach to establishing overall hormonal and digestive health. There is an emphasis on detox and reducing the effect of stress and inflammation on one’s health and metabolism. This is a unique individualized approach to weight loss and requires the assistance of a physician experienced in functional medicine (restoring balance and healthy function of one’s digestion and hormonal pathways), such as a naturopathic physician.

With balance and health being restored, one is able to maximize the benefits from the latest advances in weight loss medicine and dieting. Insulin and leptin resistance are taken into consideration, along with inflammation, detoxification, hormones and overall metabolic health; all the aspects that have defined individual diets are conveniently combined in one program.

Your initial visit involves a complete naturopathic intake, including weigh in, measuring body dimensions and reviewing baseline lab tests, both to address any health concerns, and to ensure a healthy experience of the program.

In the initial intake, our focus is on assessing your overall health – hormones (thyroid, adrenal, sex hormones), mood and brain function (neurotransmitters), as well as digestion, sleep, stress management, and what your diet and health has been like up until now. We will go over your diet and assess what factors may have contributed to your current state of health and weight, with the goal of educating you to have the skills necessary to take charge and control of your health!

Supplements, herbs or medications may be recommended as necessary in order to support, detoxify, and restore functional metabolic health, digestion, sleep, stress management, and overall well-being. Exercise routines may also be discussed as needed.

Phase 1: 750 Hormone Controlled Grodski (HCG) Diet

In Phase 1, one begins the 750 calorie Hormone Controlled Grodski (HCG) diet. Individualized hormonal therapy is used to minimize hunger, support energy, protect muscle mass, and encourage weight loss via accessing fat stores and enhancing fat metabolism. Whereas Simeon’s protocol consisted of 23-46 days while adhering to a 500 calorie diet, our 750 calorie low carb diet is much more balanced, enjoyable and satisfying then that standardized and strictly adhered to in Simeon’s. Our standard program runs 6 weeks long to start; shorter programs are available on request. Additional weight loss treatments and approaches common to other weight loss regimen’s are used in a supportive manner during this phase as well; including, vitamin and amino acid injections, IV therapies, mesotherapy, botanicals, chinese medicine, etc.

The individualized hormonal therapy directs the body to use its own fat stores as a source of calories via the hypothalamus. As a result, one’s hormonal metabolic programming is reset enabling you to burn fat. A key discovery was made in 1994 regarding the hormone leptin and its ability to burn fat. A clinical study published in the Journal Of Endocrinology (Aug 2007), found that the therapy “significantly stimulates the secretion of the pro-adipogenic factor, leptin, from human adipose tissue.” As leptin and insulin are at the core of how humans store and burn fat, the therapy is able to directly target fat burning.

Phase 2: 1200 Calorie – Low Carb Diet

During phase 2, one returns to a more moderate 1200 calorie diet (low carb paleo diet) for 2-3 weeks.

Phase 3: Maintenance Diet

In the final phase, one has returned to the healthiest balance of proteins to carbohydrates that they can tolerate without gaining weight, while having learned portion control and how to eat only to satiety. The experience will have taught the person by this phase, healthy approaches to snacks and meal preparation.

During the maintenance phase, which can be life long, there is no calorie counting – only carb counting to ensure following one’s Critical Carb Level for Maintaining. Exercise is emphasized as well.

At the end of these 3 phases you can expect wonderful and lasting results such as these:

• Safe fat loss and increased muscle mass
• Improved metabolism
• Increased energy, stress recuperation and feeling of well-being
• Improved digestion and better appetite control
• Less pain and inflammation
• Improved quality of sleep at night (more restorative)
• Healthier looking hair & glowing skin
• Stronger libido, sexual enjoyment and increased fertility
• Improved mental clarity, better mood, memory and concentration
• Heightened anti-aging and illness prevention

Canucks National anthem singer Mark Donnelly loses 198 pounds
Vancouver Canucks National anthem singer Mark Donnelly had tried almost every weight-loss plan in the book — Atkins, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and even the grapefruit diet — before he came upon Simeon’s Pounds and Inches program. Following the program on his own, he was able to drop 198 pounds over the last year and a half.

Click to see Mark’s weight loss journey www.markdonnelly.ca


“I lost HALF MY BODY WEIGHT: 370 lbs to 185 lbs in less than two years!

– Mark Donnelly