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Coast Aesthetics

About White Rock Naturopathic Clinic in Surrey, BC

At White Rock Naturopathic Clinic Dr. Tom Grodski offers Coast aesthetics services such as botox, xeomin, PRP for face and hair, and medical botox. For more information, contact us today or book an appointment online. We are conveniently located at #208 – 1676 Martin Dr., Surrey, BC V4A 6E7.



Coast is the medical aesthetics practice of Dr. Tom Grodski, naturopathic physician & visual artist, working in injectable, liquid artistry.

At Coast we’re all about living an active life to its fullest, while taking care of our skin not to look the part.

Just as we may grow through self-confidence with age, experience & activity, our skin’s youthfulness may fade. Coast Aesthetics is for anyone that feels their outer appearance doesn’t reflect the vibrancy that they feel inside. Dr. Grodski is passionate about subtly reversing the signs of aging, and restoring one’s natural youthful glow gracefully. As a naturopathic doctor, he understands that a good skin care routine starts from the inside and counsels’ patients on ways to maintain their results long-term. He takes the time to consult on your treatments so that you’re happy each and every time.

About Dr. Grodski

Dr. Grodski has been practicing as a naturopathic physician since 2006, and has been a visual artist his entire life. In his personal life he is an avid mountain athlete, spending his time running ultra marathons, or backcountry ski mountaineering. His rugged, active lifestyle has shown him personally how weathering they can be, and the value of both proper skincare and protection. 

Our Inspiration

Because we’re skin care consumers ourselves who felt that the unique skincare needs and esthetic of our friends and family in the active, mountain & beach community – were not being met elsewhere. There is a subtlety of look and esthetics in the Coast community – a carefree, natural, down to earth, freshness. It’s a unique coast, just as you’re uniquely you.

Our Vision

We are a holistically minded, ‘true skin beauty comes first from within’, naturopathically founded, medical aesthetics clinic for clients seeking optimal treatment strategies for beautiful and healthy skin.

Our Values

  • We want you to look and feel your best – uniquely!
  • We offer carefully selected physician grade products and services that are scientifically validated for efficacy and safety.
  • We are so passionate about the products and services we offer that we use them ourselves! Feel free to ask us what our experience has been.
  • We provide friendly, personalized service that always goes the extra mile to make sure you are well cared for before, during, and after your treatment.
  • We care for you in an inviting, comfortable medical office that is conveniently located and designed for your care.
  • Our clinic is naturopathic physician run so that you know your skin health is cared for by a doctor with extra training in health of the skin, but whose focus is not just skin deep.

Coast Aesthetics Services include:

  • PRP Facial & Hair Restoration
  • Botox / Xeomin Treatment
  • Medical Botox

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Surrey, BC


#208 – 1676 Martin Dr.,
Surrey, BC V4A 6E7