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Anti-Aging Medicine & Peak Performance

Anti-Aging Medicine Clinic in Surrey, BC

Anti-aging medicine is focused on optimizing health, preventing age related disease, and promoting healthy aging. While aging is a natural process, anti-aging medicine seeks to slow down or mitigate the effects of aging on body and mind. Anti-aging medicine is available at Naturopathic Clinic in Surrey, BC. For more information, contact us today or book an appointment online. We are conveniently located at #208 – 1676 Martin Dr., Surrey, BC V4A 6E7. We serve patients from Surrey BC, White Rock BC, Grandview Heights BC, Campbell Heights BC, Newton BC, Morgan Heights BC, and surrounding areas.

Anti-Aging Medicine & Peak Performance in Surrey, BC
Anti-Aging Medicine & Peak Performance in Surrey, BC

Anti-aging Medicine * Peak Performance * Biohacking

Anti-Aging Medicine & Peak Performance

Dr. Grodski approach to Anti-Aging Medicine & Peak Performance BioHacking incorporates multiple therapeutic approaches including:

  1. NAD+ Therapy
  2. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)
  3. Micronutrient Testing, Supplementation, IV Therapy & Dietary Interventions
  4. Weight Loss & Management
  5. Navigating, selecting & providing many of the Body Hacking Therapies & Approaches described in books by Ben Greenfield & David Asprey such as Boundless, SuperHuman & HeadStrong, including: Nootropics & ‘Smart drugs’, mitochondrial medicine (dietary & nutritional support), ketogenic dieting & approaches to fasting, mitigating inflammation, exercise & fitness recommendations, optimizing digestion, sleep & immunity, stress management, functional lab testing & self quantification (genetic test interpretation), microbiome manipulation, sexual health, ancestral longevity practices, PRP & Regenerative Medicine, Telomerise Activation, mitigating electromagnetic pollution & exposure, improving lighting, water, & air quality, chelating heavy metals, and using hormetic stressors including cold exposure/cryotherapy.

NAD+ IV Therapy

Anti-Aging Medicine: NAD+ Therapy

NAD+ treatment seems to offer much more advantages than just neurotransmitter cleansing and neurotransmitter restoration for neurological diseases.

According to recent studies conducted at Harvard University, the decline in NAD+ levels and the consequent decline in mitochondrial function are also closely linked to an increase in genetic mutation, cross-genome communication, and the ageing process in general. These factors may also play a role in the physiology and development of cancer.

The original chemical NAD+ levels decrease with ageing for unknown causes. A gene known as SIRT1 loses its capacity to monitor intrusive molecules (such as one in particular known as HIF-1) that obstruct cross-genome coordination, which coordinates activities between the nuclear genome and the mitochondrial genome of the cell. Such molecules start to disrupt the normally smooth cross-genome communication when HIF-1 levels rise. As a result of this communication breakdown, the cell’s capacity to produce energy decreases over time, and ageing and illness symptoms manifest.

As long as the coordination between the genomes is fluid, cells remain healthy.The security guard-like function of SIRT1 is to act as an intermediate and ensure that a disruptive molecule called HIF-1 does not obstruct communication.

Other ageing symptoms manifest more gradually, however the failure of this mechanism results in a fast loss in mitochondrial function. Researchers discovered that they could quickly repair the damaged network and restore communication and mitochondrial function by providing an endogenous substance that cells convert into NAD. Some components of the ageing process might be slowed down or stopped if the substance was administered quickly enough—within days—before substantial mutation accumulation.

For the full story, please see:

NAD+ & Cell Viability

At the epigenetic level, NAD+ acts as a master regulator. If NAD+ levels drop, then the epigenetic regulation switches, affecting methylation and acetylation patterns, which sets the DNA and chromatin, and in turn individual genes, to either be switched on or off. If one has sufficient NAD+ around, it is able to switch on, allowing sirtuins to act, which allows for deacetylation, and the ability to switch on pathways that are linked to improving cell viability; in other words improving the health of the cell. This occurs not just in one organ, but throughout the body, including the brain, muscles, and other tissues. Essentially this keeps cells working in what would be considered a younger state of metabolism.

PARP Enzymes Require NAD+ to Repair DNA

There are 17 enzymes known as poly (ADP-ribose) polymerases (PARPs) that work together to repair damaged DNA. Inflammation or oxidative stress are the main causes of DNA damage. As a signal to other repair enzymes, PARP enzymes bond to the damaged DNA strand. NAD+ is an essential component for PARP enzymes to efficiently repair DNA.

While severe DNA damage might have negative effects, excessive production of PARP enzymes is essential for cellular health. The increased PARP expression within the cell severely reduces the amount of available NAD+. The macronutrients cannot be turned into cellular energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) if there is not enough NAD+ present. According to studies, low NAD+ levels cause programmed cell death to occur.

NAD+ Decline & Aging

NAD+ levels can decrease by as much as 40% when there is inflammation or oxidative damage, with these declines becoming more pronounced around the age of 60. This is brought on by a variety of environmental variables, including cumulative pollutants, heavy metals, alcohol use, and drug misuse, as well as DNA damage and oxidation.

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