White Rock Naturopathic Clinic Dispensary

White Rock Naturopathic provides natural family healthcare to the Fraser Valley communities of White Rock, Surrey, Delta and Langley. For all of our patients, who range in age from only a few weeks old, to a few aspiring centenarians, we are a trusted source for all of their family healthcare needs. For those suffering from chronic illnesses, we provide holistic, natural medical solutions, and for those simply wanting to feel better, younger, and more alive, we lead the way.

In addition to the many services the clinic provides, White Rock Naturopathic also boasts one of the largest private clinic dispensaries, offering patients:

  • Over 130 loose leaf herbs (for medicinal teas, infusions, and topical compresses or liniments); including ready made teas from the Algonquin Tea Company, and Harmonic Arts
  • An equal number of the highest quality and concentration, professional line of botanical tinctures including:
  • Dr. Grodski’s own Traditional World Medicine Herbal Formulas line of tinctures. These include both traditionally used formulas as well as individually prescribed formulas comprised of herbs from around the world and used in different herbal traditions
  • Dr. Grodski’s own line of Chinese herbal medicine tinctures; one of the few available in North America
  • Salves, creams and liniments from both western herbalism and Chinese medicine
  • A full line of professional Chinese formulas (including: Golden Flower, KPC, Blue Poppy, KP, Three Treasures, Women’s Treasure, Remedia, Gentle Warriors, etc.)
  • A pediatric line of glycerine based tinctures (alcohol free) including North American made Chinese formulas that are used for treating the most common childhood conditions
  • A wide array of professional brand natural supplements such as: Thorne, AOR, Bezwecken, Allergy Research Group, EcoNugenics, Integrative Therapeutics, Vitazan, CanPrev, Advanced Naturals, Genestra, and Heel)
  • A 4000 remedy homeopathic dispensary
  • Over 140 flower essences – including the entire Bach and FES North American collections
  • The scents of nature brought to you by Juniper Ridge

You Can Feel Better!

As a naturopathic family doctor, I aspire to provide the ideal of a country doctor’s patient centered care, while integrating the best of modern conventional medicine with the time proven practices and approach of traditional world medicine. With each of my patients, I aim to guide them ever closer to Vitality, Clarity and Balance, on their journey of health. 

~ Dr. Tom Grodski, ND