I first saw Dr G about 2 years ago for lower back pain, after having had already had a surgery for a herniated disc that only kept me pain free for the year following. I really didn’t want to go back for another operation and was scared of living on pain medication. I didn’t know what to do, until a friend recommended Dr G and to look into prolotherapy. It took about 3 sessions before I started feeling the difference, but after that there was no going back. Things just kept improving, and now I’m happy to say, I’m pain free and don’t use any pain meds for my back. Thanks Dr G!” ~ LG, South Surrey

I was referred to Dr Grodski by my medical doctor for my IBS. I did not get much benefit from medications over the years and he felt that a naturopathic approach could provide me with more satisfying long term results. I’m glad to say he was right. Dr Grodski explained to me the ins and outs of my digestion and IBS, and how we could improve it so that I not only could have normal digestion and get rid of my IBS symptoms, but also so that we could get it to the point where I would be fine without any medication, or even natural supplements. It’s so nice to feel like I have control over my body again.” ~ SA, White Rock

My mother suffered for 10 years of chronic back and joint pain before I brought her in to see Dr Grodski. He had helped my husband with his frozen shoulder, and I thought he might be able to help her out. Dr Grodski has made such a difference in her life. Her back and knees used to keep her house bound and her medications seemed to only give her bad side effects while only taking the edge off her pain. It was so hard for us as a family to watch. My mom’s now doing the best she’s been in years, and we’re not worrying about her anymore! Thanks Dr Tom!”

Finally some relief. Thank you for all your help, and for getting my hormones balanced. Its crazy to think how much better I’m feeling now.” ~ Ramona H., Surrey

Thanks Dr. Grodski for everything you’ve done. Life seems to finally be getting back to normal after all those years wasted feeling horrible. I’ve been playing tennis again for the first time in ages, and seeing friends who almost forgot about me. My IBS had such a hold on my life. It’s nice to go for a walk now and not have to worry!” ~ Laura M., Delta

Hey Dr. G. Just wanted to thank you for seeing my dad. His back is feeling a lot better today thanks to you. He’s already talking about getting out golfing to the club! Thanks so much!” ~ Jenn S., Surrey

Hi Dr. Grodski. I appreciate all the time you spent during our visit going over everything again. It was very helpful, and informative. I had lost hope for quite some time before coming in and seeing you, but here I am packing for our cruise next week! My wife and I both thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Bless you!” ~ Peter I., Langley

The pain is finally gone for good! I can hardly believe it. I’m not sure what I’m going to do now with all this energy I’ve got. Thanks Dr. G” ~ Shawna N., Vancouver

Dear Dr. Grodski. I wanted to thank you for seeing Ryan last month and helping us with him. I have to say he’s been doing great! We’re all very excited, and appreciate your help and concern.” ~ Sally A., Peachland

Dr. Grodski – I’m afraid I won’t be seeing you for a long long time. My back’s all better thanks to you, and the knee isn’t acting up anymore either. Not sure what it was you did, but it worked wonders.” ~ William G., Langley

I was referred to Dr. Grodski for his Class 4 laser therapy as I had had some good results in the past with cold laser therapy for my joint pain but found it wasn’t helping anymore. The difference was incredible. For anyone considering laser therapy, I would highly recommend the deep tissue laser over the typical cold laser therapy any day. Dr. Grodski was kind enough to do some acupuncture as well during our sessions as well to speed up the healing. All together I’m very pleased.” ~ Sandra N., Vancouver

After years of anti-depressants, I had had enough, and decided to look into alternatives. A friend recommended I see Dr Grodski. Over a few months we were able to bring the dose down until I was able to get off it, all the while feeling like I was coming back into my own. Dr Grodski was attentive, supportive and so helpful throughout the entire process. I feel as though his herbs and supplements made the process so much easier then I had expected. But I think the real help came with his counseling. I felt as though I was talking to a good friend who knew me, and wanted nothing but the best for me.” ~ Tammy C., Delta