NAD+ Therapy & Anti-Ageing Medicine

There appears to be even more benefit to NAD+ therapy than simply neurotransmitter rehabilitation for neurological conditions and chemical dependence detox. Recent research at Harvard University suggests that NAD+ decline and the resulting decline in mitochondrial function is also intimately intertwined with cross genome communication, and an increase in genetic mutation, which contributes in part […]

Biomedical Treatment for ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder is an epidemic in our society, with a current prevalence of 1 in 68 children, with 1 in 42 boys now being affected. Autistic children have multiple biomedical abnormalities including disordered brain development, immune system dysfunction with autoimmune and allergic tendencies, inflammatory digestive disorders, and impaired detoxification pathways. Biomedical treatment of autism […]

PTSD & Oxytocin

We’re excited at White Rock Naturopathic for the success we’ve seen in both recently acquired and chronic PTSD through oxytocin therapy. While MDMA therapy has shown promise in research studies and may hold ground in the future if access and legal considerations change, oxytocin therapy is an accessible, available therapy NOW. Oxytocin appears to calm […]

Genetic Testing added to White Rock Lab Services!

We’re excited to have added functional genetic testing (by Younique Genomics) to our list of clinic lab testing services. Younique Genomics ( provides 4 different genomic panels that allow one to establish a personalized medical and lifestyle protocol that when combined with current labwork allows for the most complete preventative approach to one’s health and […]

Post Concussion Syndrome

We have treated many patients with Post Concussion Syndrome with good success. Treatment for this condition is essentially unavailable and poorly understood from traditionally conventional perspectives. Symptoms may include vertigo, nausea, nystagmus (involuntary eye movement), depression, mood changes, headaches, insomnia, inability to focus, instability or poor coordination, light and noise sensitivity, and malaise or fatigue. […]

A biochemical new approach to Anorexia

I’m very excited to have come across a wonderful book by Dr. James Greenblatt, MD entitled “Answers to Anorexia: A Breakthrough Nutritional Treatment That is Saving Lives”, and to be able to offer this approach at White Rock Naturopathic, to individuals and families dealing with anorexia. Dr. Greenblatt explains that: “New understandings in genetics, neurobiology, […]

MIF Injection Therapy for Depression

A new therapy that we are excited to introduce at White Rock Naturopathic is MIF Therapy for the treatment of  Depression. The treatment is based on the exciting groundwork and research in this new therapy for depression that has occured since Dr. Ehrensing and his colleagues of the Department of Psychiatry at the Ochsner Clinic […]