PTSD & Oxytocin

We’re excited at White Rock Naturopathic for the success we’ve seen in both recently acquired and chronic PTSD through oxytocin therapy. While MDMA therapy has shown promise in research studies and may hold ground in the future if access and legal considerations change, oxytocin therapy is an accessible, available therapy NOW. Oxytocin appears to calm […]

Electrocardiogram Testing (Resting ECG) is now available in office

White Rock Naturopathic is excited to be able to now offer resting ECG (electrocardiograms) to patients. For more information please see:

Addictions Recovery and Substance Withdrawal Rehab

We’ve recently added a neurotransmitter rehabilitation treatment program to our already impressive and comprehensive Revive! Addictions Recovery program at White Rock Naturopathic, and our work with Summit Bridge Consulting Group ( While the first step in our program remains a functional medical assessment looking for conditions in the body (i.e. functional & chemical disorders, neurotransmitter […]

Addictions and Withdrawal Support for White Rock, Surrey, Langley and Vancouver

While the spring and summer seasons often spur one on towards greater physical health, detoxes and losing weight, the fall season for many, is when our moods and addictions hit rock bottom and spur us onto choosing to get clean for good. And so with the season of fall – and sobriety upon us, I […]