Hyaluronic acid injections (Durolane, Synvisc, Neovisc) for the treatment of Osteo Arthritis

Hyaluronic acid injections (Durolane, Synvisc, Neovisc), also known as visco-supplementation injections, are one of the many therapies available at the clinic for the treatment of knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and ankle osteoarthritis.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring molecule that is normally present in healthy cartilage. In unhealthy or arthritic cartilage, the levels of hyaluronic acids are lower. These injections can help control pain, provide lubrication, and replace hyaluronic acid in the joint. The injection also stimulates your joint to make more of this important molecule. These injections can successfully improve symptoms in three quarters of patients (75%). The benefit of these injections is temporary and typically lasts from 2 – 6 months. Hyaluronic Acid injections work best in mild to moderate arthritis. (Read more)